How to Stay Ontop of Your Data: Databases, Ontologies and More

  • Diego Calvanese
  • Benjamin Cogrel
  • Sarah Komla-Ebri
  • Davide Lanti
  • Martin Rezk
  • Guohui XiaoEmail author
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Ontop is an Ontology Based Data Access system allowing users to access a relational database through a conceptual layer provided by an ontology. In this demo, we use the recently developed NPD benchmark (+4 billion triples) to demonstrate the features of Ontop. First we use Ontop as a SPARQL end-point to load the ontology and mappings, and answer SPARQL queries. Then, we will show how to use Ontop to check inconsistencies and exploit SWRL ontologies.


Ontop framework OBDA SPARQL R2RML OWL OWL 2 QL 



This paper is supported by the EU under the large-scale integrating project (IP) Optique (Scalable End-user Access to Big Data), grant agreement n. FP7-318338.


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  • Sarah Komla-Ebri
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  • Davide Lanti
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  • Martin Rezk
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