Exact Test of Standard Model in \({\mathbf {B \rightarrow {K^{\!*}}\ell ^+\ell ^-}}\)

  • Rusa MandalEmail author
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The decay \(B\rightarrow {K^{\!*}}\ell ^+\ell ^-\) is regarded as one of the most important modes to search for physics beyond the standard model as the angular distribution enables the independent measurement of a plethora of observables. To disentangle new physics from the standard model effect an “exact” test of standard model is needed. This drive us to derive a relation including all short-distance and long-distance effects, factorizable and non-factorizable contributions, complete electromagnetic corrections to hadronic operators up to all orders, resonance contributions and finite lepton mass effect in a complete model independent approach. The violation of this relation will provide a smoking gun signal of new physics.


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We thank Rahul Sinha and Diganta Das for collaborating in this work and the organizers of XXI DAE-BRNS High Energy Physics Symposium-2014 for giving the opportunity to present our work in the conference.


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