A SysML Formal Framework to Combine Discrete and Continuous Simulation for Testing

  • Jean-Marie GauthierEmail author
  • Fabrice Bouquet
  • Ahmed Hammad
  • Fabien Peureux
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9407)


The increasing interactions between huge amount of software and hardware subsystem (hydraulics, mechanics, electronics, etc.) lead to a new kind of complexity that is difficult to manage during the validation of safety-critical and complex embedded systems. This paper introduces a formal SysML-based framework to combine both discrete and continuous simulation to validate physical systems at the early stage of development. This original modelling framework takes as input a SysML model annotated with Modelica code and OCL constraints. Such a model provides a precise and unambiguous description of the designed system and its environment, involving both discrete and continuous features. This formal framework enables to automatically generate Modelica code to perform real-time simulation. On the basis of a constraint system derived from the discrete SysML/OCL modelling artefacts, it also makes it possible to automatically generate black-box test cases that can be used to validate the simulated system as well as the corresponding physical device. This framework has been validated by conclusive experiments conducted to prototype a new energy manager system for aeronautics.


SysML Model-driven engineering Real-time system Discrete & continuous simulation Modelica Constraint solving Model-based testing 


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  • Fabrice Bouquet
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  • Ahmed Hammad
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  • Fabien Peureux
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