From Peninsular War to Coordinated Cadastre: William Light’s Route Maps of Portugal and Spain, and His Founding of Adelaide, the ‘Grand Experiment in the Art of Colonization’

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William Light’s appointment as Leader of the South Australian Colonization Commissioners’ ‘First Expedition’, as first Surveyor-General of the new British Province of South Australia, and his founding of the City of Adelaide in 1837, owes much to his military experiences in the British Royal Navy, and in the British Army where he served as a cavalry reconnaissance officer and Deputy Assistant Quarter Master General during the Peninsular War (1809–1814). In 1813, Light’s mapping and assessment of routes through northern Portugal and Spain assisted in planning of the Vitória campaign and thereafter. For the advance of infantry, cavalry and artillery, he reported on inaccuracies and details omitted in Lopez’s maps, on the condition and practicability of routes through Portugal’s Tras os Montes, Spain’s Castilla y León, and crossings of the Esla and Ebro rivers.


Colonization Society Deputy Assistant Park Land Watercolour Painting 96th Regiment 
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