QCD Analysis and Hadronic Matrix Elements

  • Mikhail P. Solon
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Estimating the correct order of magnitude of scattering cross sections in many simple and motivated models of dark matter requires careful treatment of competing Standard Model contributions in weak-scale matching, and of QCD corrections when passing from a theory renormalized at the electroweak scale to a low-energy theory of quarks and gluons. In the previous chapter, we focused on weak-scale matching conditions necessary for robustly computing WIMP-nucleon interactions, both in specified UV completions involving electroweak-charged DM, and in the model-independent heavy WIMP limit. In this chapter, we tackle the remaining analysis below the weak scale, applicable to a broad class of theories, independent of assuming a particular UV model or the heavy WIMP limit. Although we focus here on the analysis for the effective theory given in Eq. ( 3.69), it is straightforward to consider an extended basis of operators relevant for other scenarios, e.g., χ that is not self-conjugate.


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