2nd Workshop on Cyber Security and Resilience of Large-Scale Systems

  • Massimo Ficco
  • Salvatore D’AntonioEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Studies in Computational Intelligence book series (SCI, volume 616)


The \({{\varvec{2}}}^{{{\varvec{nd}}}}\) Workshop on Cyber Security and Resilience of Large-Scale Systems, WSRL 2015, features contributions in the topics of resilience, dependability, and security of distributed systems.

Control and intelligent applications are a vital part of modern large-scale systems in various application areas, such as energy generation and distribution, traffic control and critical infrastructures. Centralized control is being replaced by distributed and more open control systems that possess increasing levels of autonomy. Communication networks and intelligent systems are at the core of these developments. Such systems must be able to recover from failures and intrusions in order to preserve their functions. Therefore, achieving resilience and security in today’s complex, interconnected, and interdependent systems requires an integrated engineering approach to address resilience issues affecting both cyber and physical systems.

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