Algae Genome-Scale Reconstruction, Modelling and Applications

  • Cristiana G. O. Dal’Molin
  • Lars K. Nielsen
Part of the Developments in Applied Phycology book series (DAPH, volume 6)


Driven by revolutionary advances in high-throughput omics technologies, genome-scale metabolic reconstructions are a common denominator in systems biology and are available for a wide range of organisms. The constraint modelling formulation approach derived from the metabolic reconstructions have been successfully used to a number of applications including: metabolic engineering, biofuel research, genome functional annotation, omics data integration and in particular global pathway analysis. Recent advances have been made on plant and algae genome-scale metabolic reconstruction. In this book chapter we present the genome-scale reconstructions based on Chlamydomonas reinhardtii along with modelling formulation. We also give a few examples of the use of genome-scale models to algae biotechnological applications.


Genome-scale reconstruction Algae metagbolism Systems biology Modelling Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 


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  • Lars K. Nielsen
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