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Chiral Modes in 2D PT-Symmetric Nanostructures

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY,volume 173)


We propose a 2-dimensonal PT-symmetric photonic honeycomb structure that supports chiral Block-like modes being its excitation input and frequency dependent. We show that while the fundamental resonant frequency excites the counterclockwise mode, the clockwise mode is excited at the corresponding second harmonic frequency from the same input channel. The geometry is derived as the simplest nontrivial extension from 1-dimensional PT-symmetric systems to provide asymmetric coupling between harmonic wave components of the electromagnetic field. The PT-symmetric honeycomb is generated by a closed set of three lattice vectors that enable the simultaneous resonance of two disjoint triads of wavevectors in a circular coupling. As a basic effect, we numerically show the measurable asymmetric transmission of Gaussian light beams incident on such a finite-sized structure with a hexagonal shape, at the fundamental and second harmonic resonant frequencies.


  • PT-symmetry
  • Photonic bandgap materials
  • Photonic Crystal
  • Gain/Loss nanomaterials

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We acknowledge financial support by Spanish Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación, and European Union FEDER through project FIS2011-29731-C02-01 and -02 and and Generalitat de Catalunya (2009 SGR 1168). H.K. acknowledges partial support of the Turkish Academy of Science.

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