Dynamic Stall Alleviation Using Active Twist

  • Ranjan GanguliEmail author
  • Dipali Thakkar
  • Sathyamangalam Ramanarayanan Viswamurthy
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In the previous chapters, moderate speed regimes of the helicopter have been explored, where flow separation and stall is not so important. However, it is possible that substantial flow separation on the rotor may cause very high levels of vibrations which active twist may not be able to reduce. The current chapter presents a methodology to directly suppress the flow separation-induced vibration in a helicopter rotor. As we shall see in this chapter, large stroke is needed to suppress vibration induced by stalled flow which then needs application of new and novel piezoceramics. Emerging materials such as single-crystal piezoceramics have a potential to meet the increasing demand of stroke in smart material applications. This chapter addresses the problem of vibration suppression using both single-crystal piezoceramics and soft piezoceramics.


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