Cortex Removal

  • Sandra C. GaneshEmail author
  • Ganesh V. Raman
  • Kalpana Narendran


Thorough cortical removal in cataract surgery is a prerequisite for ensuring a good visual outcome. In manual small incision cataract surgery, cortex is aspirated using the Simcoe cannula. Cortical cleaving hydrodissection greatly eases this procedure. The side port incision helps in subincisional cortical removal. Sequential stripping of the anterior leaflet of the cortical sheet would ensure complete removal. Care should be taken in special situations like small pupil, positive pressure, pseudo-exfoliation syndrome, presence of posterior capsular rupture, etc. Beginners should always attempt cortical cleanup only in a closed and well-formed anterior chamber to avoid complications.


Cortex Simcoe cannula Anterior chamber Side port Subincisional Posterior capsule 


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