Anesthesia for Small-Incision Cataract Surgery

  • Jaime TejedorEmail author


Consideration of patient characteristics is vital for indication of anesthesia in manual small-incision cataract surgery. Local techniques, including topical, intracameral, and regional blocks (retrobulbar, peribulbar, and sub-Tenon’s block), are commonly used with advantages, disadvantages, and associated complications, which will be described. Topical anesthesia has gained popularity, and the benefit of additional intracameral anesthesia, although used by many surgeons, is controversial. Among regional block procedures, peribulbar anesthesia is frequently preferred, but retrobulbar block is more effective and the rate of complications is very low. Sedation in local anesthesia can be useful but should be used with caution. General anesthesia is rarely employed.


Anesthesia for cataract Topical anesthesia Intracameral anesthesia Viscoanesthesia Cryoanalgesia Retrobulbar anesthesia Peribulbar anesthesia Sub-Tenon’s anesthesia 


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