Open Hepatic and Biliary Procedures

  • Andrew J. Russ
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In this chapter, the operative conduct of common hepatobiliary procedures will be described. It is important to recognize that the surgical management of many hepatobiliary disorders will require a combination of procedures; for example, surgical extirpation of hilar cholangiocarcinoma with predominant left-sided involvement will require cholecystectomy, extrahepatic bile duct resection, portal lymphadenectomy, left hemihepatectomy, and biliary-enteric reconstruction. Operations of the liver and bile ducts demand solid familiarity with hepatobiliary anatomy, which can vary greatly from patient to patient. Therefore, careful preoperative study of individual patient imaging studies is of critical importance.


Liver resection Hepatectomy Cholecystectomy Hilar dissection Portal vein Hepatic artery Hepatic vein Portal lymphadenectomy Hepaticojejunostomy 

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