Ankle Arthrodesis and Malunion Takedown to Total Ankle Replacement

  • Jason George DeVriesEmail author
  • Christopher F. Hyer
  • Gregory C. Berlet


End-stage ankle joint arthritis may be treated with either ankle arthrodesis or total ankle replacement. Though ankle arthrodesis offers predictable results, it also has substantial loss of motion that leads to gait changes and surrounding midfoot and hindfoot joint arthritis. In particular, a malunion or nonunion following attempted ankle arthrodesis is a serious complication with resultant pain and functional loss. In the case of a poorly functioning and painful ankle arthrodesis, takedown to total ankle replacement may be undertaken. While limited published data is available, this is a viable option in certain candidates. The authors present the available data regarding ankle arthrodesis taken down to total ankle replacement. Ankle arthrodesis takedown to total ankle replacement is a viable option for the painful ankle malunion or nonunion, although it is more demanding than primary total ankle replacement.


Ankylosis Arthroplasty Deformity Fusion Malunion Nonunion Replacement Revision 


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