Competition and Open Skies

  • Ruwantissa Abeyratne


When one addresses the issue of open skies and the competitive aspects of the practice, the agreement between the United States and the European Union presents itself as the best example. Before the US/EU Open Skies Agreement was finalized and adopted carriers of both parties were circumscribed by stringent market restrictions that distorted competition between carriers of the United States and European countries. The European carriers themselves had to contend with the fact that they could fly directly to the United States only from their own country, which limited competition on transatlantic routes and within the European Union. Furthermore, EU carriers from Open Skies countries could not merge with those from non-Open Skies countries without losing US traffic rights, which thwarts integration and liberalisation of the internal EU market, further limiting competition. Mergers of US and EU carriers were prohibited altogether, which put many of the benefits of globalisation out of reach.


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