Economic Evaluation of Keratoplasty

  • Isabelle Brunette
  • Catherine Beauchemin
  • Jean LachaineEmail author


The economic evaluation of healthcare interventions is now a prerequisite in many jurisdictions. Adoption of new healthcare interventions cannot only be based on their efficacy and safety. In the context of limited healthcare resources we are facing, their economic impact should also be considered. To estimate the economic impact of health interventions, methods for economic evaluation have been developed and adopted. The main objective of these economic evaluations is to help the healthcare decision makers to select interventions that will support a better allocation of resources.

Alongside the development of different surgical techniques for corneal transplantation, economic evaluations have been performed. The new surgical procedures have improved the clinical performance of corneal transplantation, and in most cases these new interventions were shown to be cost-effective.

Only a few economic evaluations of corneal transplantation techniques have been performed in only a few different countries. Additional economic evaluations are needed to assess the economic impact of these interventions over many more contexts of use.


Corneal transplantation Economic evaluation Cost-effectiveness analysis and cost-utility analysis 


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