Electron Momentum and Spin Relaxation in Silicon Films

  • D. OsintsevEmail author
  • V. Sverdlov
  • S. Selberherr
Conference paper
Part of the Mathematics in Industry book series (MATHINDUSTRY, volume 22)


Semiconductor spintronics is promising, because it allows creating microelectronic elements which are smaller and consume less energy than present charge-based devices. Silicon is the main element of modern charge-based electronics, thus, understanding the peculiarities of spin propagation in silicon is the key for designing novel devices. We investigate the electron momentum and the spin relaxation in thin (001) oriented SOI films using a k ⋅ p-based approach with spin degree of freedom properly included. We demonstrate that shear strain routinely used to enhance the electron mobility can boost the spin lifetime by an order of magnitude.


Charge-based electronics Semiconductor Silicon films 



This work is supported by the European Research Council through the grant #247056 MOSILSPIN. The computational results have been achieved in part using the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC).


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Institute for MicroelectronicsTU WienWienAustria

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