Pop-up Modelling of Hazy Scenes

  • Lingyun ZhaoEmail author
  • Miles Hansard
  • Andrea Cavallaro
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9279)


This paper describes the construction of a layered scene-model, based on a single hazy image of an outdoor scene. A depth map and radiance image are estimated by standard dehazing methods. The radiance image is then segmented into a small number of clusters, and a corresponding scene-plane is estimated for each. This provides the basic structure of a 2.5-D scene model, without the need for multiple views, or image correspondences. We show that problems of gap-filling and depth blending can be addressed systematically, with respect to the layered depth-structure. The final models, which resemble cardboard ‘pop-ups’, are visually convincing. An HTML5/WebGL implementation is described, and subjective depth-preferences are tested in a psychophysical experiment.


Layered scene models Dehazing Visualization WebGL 


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