The Determinants of IT Adoption by SMEs: An Agenda for Research

  • Riccardo Spinelli
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Information Systems and Organisation book series (LNISO, volume 13)


The determinants of IT adoption by small and medium-sized firms have been widely investigated in literature. In this theoretical paper, we aim to collate the vast list of IT adoption barriers and incentives which have been identified, to explore areas which are well established and equally to highlight areas which are underdeveloped or ignored in literature and could provide directions for future research. The value of our work is that it combines perspectives from various literature streams on the many determinants of the process of IT adoption in SMEs. Furthermore, this process of combination yields a conceptual basis for further research into IT adoption by SMEs, through the identification of under scrutinized research areas which could be addressed in further studies.


SMEs IT adoption Drivers Inhibitors 


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