Modification of Experimental Station AXMAT

  • J. DvoracekEmail author
  • L. Komenda
  • L. Nohal
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In this article is described modernization of experimental station AXMAT, which is used for testing of contact fatigue of small axial bearings and flat specimens. The test-rig is placed in a laboratory of Institute of Machine and Industrial Design of Brno University of Technology. Original setup of the test-rig was based on applying of axial force at a specimen by mechanical lever with additional weight. This stand is designed for determination of resistance of materials and bearings against the contact damage. This is achieved with use of vibrodiagnostic. Essential changes were made on the test-rig by its modification. A new hydraulic load system for set up of axial force on a specimen was developed. A control program was created in SIMULING for operating of the hydraulic system and its force. This program gives a chance to adjust applied axial force on a specimen in optional modes. Moreover a feedback for record of vibration, acoustic emission (AE) and temperature signals was created. An analysis of AE signal enables a detection of contact fatigue formation before pitting occurs. Due to that it is possible to detect defects on a specimen earlier than by standard vibrodiagnostic’s method. Because of a new modifications and improved measurement system the test-rig provides more complex and accurate detection of a contact fatigue.


Acoustic emission AXMAT Axial bearing 



This work reported here was made possible by support of Institute of machine and industrial design at Brno University of Technology.


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