Sonoporation: Applications for Cancer Therapy

  • Jiale Qin
  • Tzu-Yin Wang
  • Jürgen K. WillmannEmail author
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 880)


Therapeutic efficacy of both traditional chemotherapy and gene therapy in cancer is highly dependent on the ability to deliver drugs across natural barriers, such as the vessel wall or tumor cell membranes. In this regard, sonoporation induced by ultrasound-guided microbubble (USMB) destruction has been widely investigated in the enhancement of therapeutic drug delivery given it can help overcome these natural barriers, thereby increasing drug delivery into cancer. In this chapter we discuss challenges in current cancer therapy and how some of these challenges could be overcome using USMB-mediated drug delivery. We particularly focus on recent advances in delivery approaches that have been developed to further improve therapeutic efficiency and specificity of various cancer treatments. An example of clinical translation of USMB-mediated drug delivery is also shown.


Sonoporation Drug delivery Cancer 


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