Introduction: Time in Philosophy and Psychology

  • Bruno MölderEmail author
  • Valtteri Arstila
Part of the Studies in Brain and Mind book series (SIBM, volume 9)


“Philosophy and Psychology of Time” comprises papers from philosophers and psychologists who work on various aspects of subjective time. In the book, the broad topic of time is examined from different aspects, divided into five parts. These main aspects are the following: the concept of time in philosophy and psychology, temporal presence, the continuity and flow of time in mind, the timing of experiences, and the relationship between time and intersubjectivity. This chapter introduces the volume and supplies a short overview of each contribution.


Concept of Time Presence Continuity Flow of time Timing Intersubjectivity 



The book is partly based on the talks given at the workshop that was held in the framework of the European COST Action project TD0904 TIMELY (Time In MEntaL activitY: theoretical, behavioral, bioimaging and clinical perspectives) at the University of Turku on 14th–15th August 2013. The editors acknowledge the support of the TIMELY network, which brought together time researchers from different disciplines. When preparing this volume, Bruno Mölder was also supported by the institutional research funding IUT20-5 of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and a grant ETF9117 from the Estonian Science Foundation.

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