Terminology Development Towards Harmonizing Multiple Clinical Neuroimaging Research Repositories

  • Jessica A. TurnerEmail author
  • Danielle Pasquerello
  • Matthew D. Turner
  • David B. Keator
  • Kathryn Alpert
  • Margaret King
  • Drew Landis
  • Vince D. Calhoun
  • Steven G. Potkin
  • Marcelo Tallis
  • Jose Luis Ambite
  • Lei Wang
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9162)


Data sharing and mediation across disparate neuroimaging repositories requires extensive effort to ensure that the different domains of data types are referred to by commonly agreed upon terms. Within the SchizConnect project, which enables querying across decentralized databases of neuroimaging, clinical, and cognitive data from various studies of schizophrenia, we developed a model for each data domain, identified common usable terms that could be agreed upon across the repositories, and linked them to standard ontological terms where possible. We had the goal of facilitating both the current user experience in querying and future automated computations and reasoning regarding the data. We found that existing terminologies are incomplete for these purposes, even with the history of neuroimaging data sharing in the field; and we provide a model for efforts focused on querying multiple clinical neuroimaging repositories.


Neuroimaging Data sharing Clinical scales Assessments Mediation 



SchizConnect is supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH/NIMH), 5U01MH097435 to L. Wang, JL. Ambite, S.G. Potkin and J.A.Turner. The work on COINS is also supported by 5P20GM103472 (NIGMS) to V.D. Calhoun. The authors would like to thank Derin Cobia, PhD, for help on constructing the SchizConnect neuropsychological assessment hierarchy.


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