Energy-Aware Clustering and Routing Scheme in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Chang Lou
  • Xiaofeng GaoEmail author
  • Fan Wu
  • Guihai Chen
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Maximizing the network lifetime is always a main challenge ahead of wireless sensor network (WSN). Clustering and routing has been proved to be energy-efficient strategies for extending the network lifetime. In this paper, we put forward an energy-consumption model for sensors in WSNs and calculate network energy consumption in a short period for any given network configuration, including sensor state scheduling, clustering, and routing information. Then we address an energy-aware optimal planning problem with area coverage and connectivity constraints, seeking for the best sensor scheduling scheme to extend the network lifetime. We formulate it as an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) model, and add some extra constraints to reduce the scale of the model. We use Gurobi to compute this model and compare the basic model, scale-reduced model, with a previous work OPT-ALL-RCC [6]. The simulation results prove that the reduction is necessary and our model have better performance than the previous model.


Wireless sensor network Clustering Routing Energy-efficient 


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