Simulations and Experiments for the \(\mathcal {H}_\infty \)-Control-Based Approach

  • Masayoshi TodaEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences book series (LNCIS, volume 463)


This chapter presents control performance evaluations of the \(\mathcal {H}_\infty \)-control-based approach by simulations and hardware experiments separately from Chap.  4. We have performed demonstrations of control performance considering the three types of control problems and three patterns of base oscillations mentioned in Chap.  4, and the four types of \(\mathcal {H}_\infty \)-controllers presented in Chap.  4. For those demonstration cases, we investigate the respective control performance, with respect to nominal-case performance, robust control performance against the payload variations, influence of sensor error, and moreover comparison with the conventional PID control. Those results show that the \(\mathcal {H}_\infty \)-control-based approach and the extended matrix polytope are practically useful and effective from the viewpoint of control performance.


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