Volume 79 of the series Intelligent Systems, Control and Automation: Science and Engineering pp 107-137


Socialized Roboethics

  • Spyros G. TzafestasAffiliated withSchool of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens Email author 

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Socialized or socially assistive robots fall into the more general class of service robots, which, according to the International Service Robot Association (ISRA), are defined as ‘machines that sense, think, and act to benefit or extend human capabilities, and increase human productivity’. Among others, socialized robots could provide continuous care and entertainment of the impaired and the elderly for improving their quality of life at the final period of their life. This chapter presents a convenient classification and a number of definitions of socialized robots including a representative set of anthropomorphic and zoomorphic socialized robots. Then, the chapter discusses the fundamental ethical aspects of socialized robots, and reviews three case studies concerning autistic children-robot and dementia elderly-robot interaction.