Urban Power Network Vulnerability Assessment Based on Multi-attribute Analysis

  • Jun LiEmail author
  • Xiang-yang Li
  • Rui Yang
Conference paper
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Power network is usually the vital part of critical infrastructure protection. Confirming the level of vulnerability of the power network forms the basis of making a sound protection mechanism. This paper attempts to build a power network vulnerability analysis framework by introducing the multi-attribute analysis logic into power network vulnerability assessment and studying the power network vulnerability under the multi-attribute, dynamic and static combined conditions. Compared to one-attribute vulnerability analysis, multi-attribute analysis proves that a comprehensive physical vulnerability could reveal the power network vulnerability in the case of multi-attribute integration as a whole, and then we can use the result to confirm the hazard level for different parts of the power network. Finally, this paper illustrated the feasibility of the method through assessing the power network vulnerability of the city of Q.


Power network Vulnerability Multi-attribute analysis Complex systems 


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