An Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for the Resource Contrained Project Scheduling Problem

  • Broderick Crawford
  • Ricardo Soto
  • Franklin JohnsonEmail author
  • Enrique Norero
  • Eduardo Olguín
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 528)


We present an approach to solve the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem. This problem consists on executing a group of activities limited by constraints. Precedence relationships force to some activities to begin after the finalization of others. In addition, processing every activity requires a predefined amount of limited resources. The target of this problem is to minimize the duration of whole project. In this paper, an approach based on Artificial Bee Colony algorithm for the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem is presented. That algorithm is one of the most recent algorithms in the domain of the collective intelligence who was motivated by the intelligent behavior observed in the domestic bees to take the process of forage. Thus, ABC combines methods of local search and global search, trying to balance the process of the exploration and exploitation of the space of search.


Artificial bee colony Metaheuristic Project scheduling 



Broderick Crawford is supported by Grant CONICYT/ FONDECYT/REGULAR/1140897, Ricardo Soto is supported by Grant CONICYT/FONDECYT/INICIACION/11130459, Franklin Johnson is supported by Postgraduate Grant PUCV 2014.


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  • Broderick Crawford
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  • Ricardo Soto
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  • Franklin Johnson
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    Email author
  • Enrique Norero
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  • Eduardo Olguín
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  1. 1.Pontificia Universidad Católica de ValparaísoValparaísoChile
  2. 2.Universidad Central de ChileSantiagoChile
  3. 3.Universidad San SebastiánSantiagoChile
  4. 4.Universidad Autónoma de ChileSantiagoChile
  5. 5.Universidad Científica del SurLimaPerú
  6. 6.Universidad de Playa AnchaValparaísoChile
  7. 7.Facultad de IngenieríaUniversidad Santo TomásViña del MarChile

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