\(H_2/H_{\infty }\) Control for Networked Control Systems with Asynchronous Communication

  • Luis OrihuelaEmail author
  • Carlos Vivas


This chapter tackles the problem of designing suboptimal \(H_{2}/H_{\infty }\) controllers for linear NCSs subject to time-varying delays and packet dropouts. The approach relies on the formulation of the problem in terms of the minimization of a single scalar parameter that can be cast as an standard LMI problem, yielding a suboptimal cost-guaranteed solution. The formulation allows to trade-off performance and disturbance rejection, as the \(H_2\) part of the control accounts for the optimization of a quadratic performance index, with an \(L_2\)-gain disturbance rejection constraint in the \(H_{\infty }\) component. To characterize the network, only the lower and upper bounds for the delay interval, as well as the maximum number of consecutive dropouts are required. As a difference from previous works, the solution provided is independent of initial conditions.


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