Development of Chat System Added with Visualized Unconscious Non-verbal Information

  • Masashi OkuboEmail author
  • Haruna Tsujii
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Face-to-face communications are performed by sending and receiving verbal and non-verbal information. And non-verbal information are sent and received consciously and unconsciously. In the face-to-face communication, this non-verbal information plays the important roles for smooth communication. In the case of text chat, we can send the some kind of non-verbal information, for example, the face marks, smiley and stamps to let the partner know our emotion and the true meaning of verbal information. However, it is difficult to treat the unconscious non-verbal information in text chat. Because of this, sometime we have a misunderstanding of text information. Therefore, we propose the text chat system which visualizes the unconscious non-verbal information of user. In the proposed system, the change of heart’s pulse wave of user is reflected in the background color of text chat. In this paper, the detail of proposed system and the result of system evaluation by sensory evaluation are described.


Unconscious non-verbal information Text communication Heart’s pulse wave Emotion 



This work was supported by JSPS KAKENHI Grant Number 26560016.


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