Typology and Ergonomics of Rooms in Contemporary Hotel

  • Elzbieta Trocka-Leszczynska
  • Joanna JablonskaEmail author
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Depending on the hotel’s standard, a variety of room types can be distinguished: Single, Twin, Double, Apartments (Polish “Apartament”), suites: junior, business, senator, etc. What is more, these are often found in a variety of standards, i.e. Standard, Superior, Luxury, Deluxe, Queen, King, Royal or Executive, just to name a few. With such a range of possibilities, and even more diversification based on cultural and architectural customs in a particular country, it seems that a proper typology of hotel services should be based rather on the grounds of ergonomics and room comfort than marketing labels. This article presents a study aiming at properly formulating tools for standardization of contemporary hotel accommodation. Scope of the study includes a range of European examples.


Hotel design Hotel room typology Hotel room ergonomics Contemporary hotels 


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