The Expansion of a Scheme About ACCESSIBILITY in Tourism at the Cultural Sector

  • Eleni ChalkiaEmail author
  • Evangelos Bekiaris
  • Maria Panou
  • Matina Loukea
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Accessibility in the tourism domain is already and will be even more in the following years a “must”! Thus, ACCESSIBILITY PASS is an evaluation and certification scheme which has been developed with the scope of evaluating, clustering, analyzing and certifying the accessibility level of a hotel or a conference center taking into account its infrastructure, its offered services and its personnel’s certified skills. This paper will explore the possibility of expanding ACCESSIBILITY PASS in the cultural domain buildings like museums, concert centers, etc. where accessibility is very important and it already implemented, but not widely evaluated or certified.


Accessibility Disabilities Tourism Infrastructure Evaluation Certification Culture Museums 


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  • Eleni Chalkia
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  • Evangelos Bekiaris
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  • Maria Panou
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  • Matina Loukea
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  1. 1.Center for Research and Technology HellasHellenic Institute of TransportThessalonikiGreece

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