Visual Communication of Lovely Characters in Digital Development Arena

  • Cheih-Ying ChenEmail author
  • Xu-Qin Zhunag
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The term character economy starts to emerge, when a particular image is authorized and transferred onto a variety of goods sold into retail channels and formed economic benefits, thus the creation of character economy, such as: Hello Kitty, Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds and other images. In addition, with the increase sales for tablets and smartphones, and the economic rise of APP, we can foresee that besides the basic content and function demands in digital development, the interface design of digital APP has included design elements and symbol values to attract consumers, which will create a more diverse human sensory experience and a luminous digital humanities civilization. Our plan is to look into these characters’ simple designs, forthright colors, and cute images, and research the influence of these symbolic characters on consumers’ willingness to spend, we explored the consumer preference related to these lovely characters in consumer goods industry and digital development arena.


Lovely characters Character economy Digital APP 


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  2. 2.Corporate Synergy Development CenterTaipei CityTaiwan, R.O.C.

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