Creating Forms and Disclosures that Work: Using Eye Tracking to Improve the User Experience

  • Jonathan StrohlEmail author
  • Christian Gonzalez
  • Jacob Sauser
  • Soodeh Montazeri
  • Brian Griepentrog
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 9175)


Forms and disclosures are a central component of business and customer interactions. However, they often lack good visual organization or clear and concise language, highlighting a distinct need for more extensive usability testing and research. In particular, eye tracking serves as an excellent tool for evaluating and improving paper and electronic forms. In this paper, we present numerous examples of the benefits of eye tracking for form usability as well as practical considerations for conducting eye tracking on paper forms. In addition, we provide two case studies of paper form eye tracking. One involves a paper diary designed to track users’ television viewing habits and the other is a multi-page government form. Our experiences suggest that paper forms are amenable to traditional usability testing practices and also benefit from the additional insights gained through eye tracking.


Eye tracking Usability testing Form design User experience research 


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  • Jacob Sauser
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  • Soodeh Montazeri
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