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Exact Cover Problem in Milton Babbitt’s All-Partition Array

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One aspect of analyzing Milton Babbitt’s (1916–2011) all-partition arrays requires finding a sequence of distinct, non-overlapping aggregate regions that completely and exactly covers an irregular matrix of pitch class integers. This is an example of the so-called exact cover problem. Given a set, A, and a collection of distinct subsets of this set, S, then a subset of S is an exact cover of A if it exhaustively and exclusively partitions A. We provide a backtracking algorithm for solving this problem in an all-partition array and compare the output of this algorithm with an analysis produced manually.


Babbitt Knuth All-partition array Exact cover Computational music analysis 


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  1. 1.Department of Architecture, Design and Media TechnologyAalborg UniversityAalborgDenmark

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