Treatment of Alcoholic Liver Disease Including Emerging Therapies, Novel Targets, and Liver Transplantation

  • Jan Petrasek
  • Gyongyi SzaboEmail author


Therapies in alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis have not evolved in decades. This is in striking contrast to the high mortality of patients with acute alcoholic hepatitis indicating an unmet medical need for more effective treatments. In addition to alcohol cessation and abstinence that are difficult to achieve for many patients, pharmacotherapy with corticosteroids remains to be the main standard of care in acute alcoholic hepatitis. In a subset of patients, pentoxifylline may provide some benefits, while most studies failed to prove obvious benefits. This chapter summarizes the recent literature on abstinence, nutrition, corticosteroids, and pentoxifylline that are all used in the general clinical practice. The challenges of liver transplantation in patients with alcoholic liver disease are also discussed. We provide a list of ongoing clinical trials and identify novel targets and approaches that may deserve investigation in alcoholic liver disease based on evidence from preclinical studies or state-of-the-art pathomechanistic understanding.


Alcoholic hepatitis Corticosteroids Pentoxifylline Zinc IL-1 receptor antagonist Abstinence 



This work was supported by NIH grants U01AA021893 and U01AA021902. The authors would like to thank Merin MacDonald for help with the tables, artwork, and manuscript preparation.


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