Near-Wall Study of a Turbulent Boundary Layer Using High-Speed Tomo-PIV

  • Fabio J. W. A. Martins
  • Jean-Marc Foucaut
  • Luis F. A. Azevedo
  • Michel StanislasEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the ERCOFTAC Series book series (ERCO, volume 23)


The fundamental study of the near-wall structure organization in turbulent flows is crucial to understand the self-generation process of turbulence. To investigate such phenomena, an experiment of high-repetition, 6-camera tomo-PIV in a boundary layer was performed. Vector fields generated from BIMART high-quality reconstructed volumes resulted in low measurement uncertainties. The comparison of turbulence statistics from tomographic PIV and hot-wire anemometer data shows an excellent agreement. Preliminary vortex detection from Q-criterion is presented and allows the identification of dispersed vortices around the low-speed streaks in the boundary layer. Nevertheless an accurate identification of turbulent structures is not yet achieved. The postprocessing is being reviewed and the discussion of the interaction and evolution of turbulent structures will be addressed in a future paper.


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This work was carried out in the frame of the joint supervision of PhD of Fabio Martins held at both PUC-Rio (Brazil) and EC-Lille (France). It was funded by the PUC-Rio and the Brazilian scholarship CAPES grant no. BEX 9249/12-5. The experiment had the financial support of AFDAR European project, ANR Vive3D contract, and CISIT. The tomo-PIV software was developed as a result of the partnership between Pprime (Poitiers), Coria (Rouen), and LML (Lille) laboratories in the frame of the VIV3D ANR project. L. David, B. Tremblais, and P. Braud—from Pprime—and B. Lecordier, G. Godard and C. Gobin—from Coria—are acknowledged for the cooperation in the tomo-PIV software and S. Coudert and A.C. Avelar for the participation in the experiment.


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  • Fabio J. W. A. Martins
    • 1
  • Jean-Marc Foucaut
    • 1
  • Luis F. A. Azevedo
    • 2
  • Michel Stanislas
    • 1
    Email author
  1. 1.Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille (LML)Villeneuve-d’AscqFrance
  2. 2.Mechanical Engineering DepartmentPUC-RioRio de JaneiroBrazil

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