A New SX-ACE-Based Supercomputer System of Tohoku University

  • Hiroaki KobayashiEmail author


After the 7-year operations and services of SX-9 at Tohoku University, we have successfully replaced it with a brand-new 5-cluster SX-ACE system in 2015. In this article, we will present the organization of Tohoku Univ’s new supercomputer system and discuss its performance by using several practical applications developed by our customers.


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Many colleagues of Cyberscience Center of Tohoku University, NEC and its related companies made a great contribution to the inauguration of the new supercomputer system of Tohoku University, and in particular great thanks go to Associate Professors H. Takizawa and R. Egawa, Assistant Professor Kazuhiko Komatsu, Visiting Professor Akihiro Musa, Visiting Associate Professor Shintaro Momose, and Visiting Researcher Yoko Isobe. NEC engineers did a wonderful job in the installation of SX-ACE in a very short period.


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