Governance and Public Management Practice in Poland

  • Konrad Raczkowski


This chapter presents the practice of governing and public management. It contains a summary of empirical research along with the indispensable description of the chief measures of development in Poland between 1989 and 2015, consistent with the methodology of the International Monetary Fund’s GFS. It contains the main economic components of a state, which—through numerical/percentage representation—on the one hand show the successes, failures, chances, and threats, and on the other hand clearly reflect economic growth with reference to the synthetic measuring instrument of the GDP, which was achieved throughout the whole period of political transformation under varied inflation, unemployment, and public debt. A definitely exceptional merit of this chapter is the survey presented analytically and exhaustively—pronouncements of all the Polish Prime Ministers who held the position between 1989 and 2007. It is the only comparison of the points of view adopted by successive Heads of Governments on broadly defined public management in a given state carried out on an international level. It concerns a country in which political transformation took place and which has generally been successful in economic terms. However, this has not been achieved without making mistakes and some of them could definitely have been avoided.

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