Higher Spin AdS/CFT Correspondence and Quantum Gravity Aspects of AdS/CFT

  • Martin AmmonEmail author
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The AdS/CFT correspondence is one of the most fascinating developments in theoretical physics of the past two decades. Using it we can get useful insights into quantum gravity aspects of non-perturbative string theory. Here, we will mainly focus on AdS/CFT dualities relating CFTs in two dimensions to higher spin gravity in three dimensions. These dualities are interesting toy-models of AdS/CFT since explicit computations can be performed on both sides and since higher spin gravity may arise as the tensionless limit of string theory. In particular, we discuss (quantum) gravity aspects of three-dimensional higher spin gravity focussing on black holes with higher spin charge. We show that due to higher spin gauge transformations the notion of an event-horizon and singularities is gauge-dependent. Moreover, we discuss how scalar correlation functions behave in this background and how a concept of spacetime may be deduced from entanglement entropy.


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The work reviewed was done in collaboration with A. Castro, M. Gutperle, N. Iqbal, P. Kraus and E. Perlmutter. M. Ammon is grateful to the organizers of the 2013 Karl-Schwarzschild Meeting for providing a very stimulating conference.


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