Hematological Variables and Iron Status in Abdominoplasty After Bariatric Surgery

  • Juan C. Montano-PedrosoEmail author
  • Elvio Bueno Garcia
  • Mayara Mytzi de Aquino Silva
  • Lydia Masako Ferreira


Abdominoplasty, the treatment for abdominal wall deformity stemming from weight loss after bariatric surgery, can cause postoperative anemia. Moreover, bariatric surgery has been associated with iron deficiency, which by itself can compromise erythropoiesis. It is essential to understand the development of anemia after postbariatric abdominoplasty. The authors’ study group consisted of 32 adult women who had received bariatric surgery. Mean hemoglobin levels for treatment group decreased from 12.98 to 10.8 g/dL after 48 h and increased on day 7 to 11.53 g/dL, but did not increase further after day 7. The reticulocyte number increased in the first week. Serum iron and transferrin saturation index fell during the first week and remained low. Ferritin levels increased nonsignificantly from 29.77 to 37.24 ng/mL at week 1 and then fell until they were decreased (16.44 ng/mL) by 8 week. As expected, hemoglobin fell after abdominoplasty. However, after a one-third recovery of hemoglobin concentrations by week 1 postoperative, they failed to return to preoperative levels by the eighth week. Additionally, by the eighth postoperative week, 45 % of abdominoplasty patients had developed an iron deficiency and hemoglobin deficit


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  • Mayara Mytzi de Aquino Silva
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