Overview of the \(H\rightarrow \textit{WW}\) Analysis

  • David Hall
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The \(WW\) decay of the Higgs boson is a promising search channel as it has a large branching ratio (BR) for a wide range of \(m_H\). In fact, it is the most probable decay for \(m_H > 135\) GeV (see Fig.  1.5). This chapter will describe the experimental search for \(gg\rightarrow H \rightarrow WW \rightarrow \ell \nu \ell \nu \) (where \(\ell = { e}, \mu \)) using the 2012 dataset of \(pp\) collisions at \(\sqrt{s} = 8\)  TeV. The search strategy is optimised for a low mass Higgs boson, as favoured by electroweak fits, and thus accounts for off-shell \(W\) bosons.


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