Thrombolysis in Pulmonary Embolism

  • Carlos Jerjes-SánchezEmail author


We analyzed a large series that included 289 patients with proven extensive PE complicated with severe pulmonary arterial hypertension and right ventricular dysfunction; high dose and short-term of first generation thrombolytic and recombinant human tissue-type plasminogen activator infusion by peripheral vein, also tenecteplase-tissue-type plasminogen activator were effective and safe. In terms of residual thrombosis, second and third generation fibrinolytics had better results as emergency procedures. In our series mortality and bleeding complications were low. A possible explanation could include younger age, fast-track thrombolysis in Emergency Department, the avoidance of venous puncture, and the fact that physicians involved in-patient care had significant experience in thrombolysis in other medical situations. In a long-term follow-up postthrombotic syndrome was the most frequent and important complication.


Thrombolysis Alteplase Streptokinase Right ventricular dysfunction 


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