On the Balancing Security Against Performance in Database Systems

  • Damian Rusinek
  • Bogdan KsiezopolskiEmail author
  • Adam Wierzbicki
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 522)


Balancing security against performance for IT systems is one of the most important issues to be solved. The quality of protection of systems can be achieved on different levels. One can choose factors which have a different impact on the overall system security. Traditionally, security engineers configure IT systems with the strongest possible security mechanisms. Unfortunately, the strongest protection can lead to unreasoned increase of the system load and finally influence system availability. In such a situation the quality of protection models which scale the protection level depending on the specific requirements can be used. In the article, we present the approach which enables balancing security against performance for database systems. The analysis is performed by Automated Quality of Protection Analysis (AQoPA) tool which allow automatic evaluation of system models which are created in the Quality of Protection Modelling Language (QoP-ML).


Quality of protection Security economics Modelling and protocol design Cryptographic protocols Security protocol analysis Network security 


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  • Bogdan Ksiezopolski
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  • Adam Wierzbicki
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  2. 2.Polish-Japanese Academy of Information TechnologyWarsawPoland

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