Amyloid Typing in Plastic-Embedded Tissue by Immune-Gold-Silver Method

  • Anne Räisänen-SokolowskiEmail author
  • Tom Törnroth
Part of the Current Clinical Pathology book series (CCPATH)


A method for the immune staining of plastic-embedded tissue using an immune-gold-silver method is presented. This method was originally developed for the evaluation of kidney biopsies and was found to be particularly sensitive and specific for the staining/detection of immunoglobulin light chains; it also worked well for heavy chains. Subsequently, we adapted this method for amyloid typing. We routinely stain amyloid-containing specimens for kappa and lambda light chains and transthyretin using this method. The stains are evaluated by routine light microscopy in conjunction with the results of Congo red stain. This method has allowed us to successfully type amyloid in nearly 90 % of cases, almost all of which originated from Finland.


Immune-gold-silver method Plastic-embedded tissue Immunoglobulin light chains Immunoglobulin heavy chains Amyloid typing Congo red 


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