Light/Heavy Chain Deposition Disease as a Systemic Disorder

  • Guillermo A. HerreraEmail author
  • Elba A. Turbat-Herrera
Part of the Current Clinical Pathology book series (CCPATH)


Light/heavy chain deposition disease (LHCDD) is a disorder with predominantly renal manifestations, though sometimes associated with systemic involvement. While the recognition of LHCDD in the kidney by pathologists has increased considerably in the last decade, that is not the case when other organs are involved. If the patient has already a diagnosis of LCHDD, then the index of suspicion is raised and recognition of extrarenal manifestations is markedly improved. This chapter highlights diagnostic criteria, challenges, and pitfalls in the differential diagnosis of LHCDD in non-renal sites. It also discusses pathogenic mechanisms associated with organ pathology.


Light chains Light chain deposition disease Heavy chains Heavy chain deposition disease Immunofluorescence Immunohistochemistry Electron microscopy Immunogold labeling Pathology Pathogenesis 


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