Econometric Study on the Influencing Factors of China Life Insurance Product Demand Based on Fuzzy Variable Time Series

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In this paper a new kind of time series named fuzzy variable time series is proposed and the econometric models of the influencing factors of China life insurance product demand based on it are constructed. This paper focuses on the importance of the variable with fuzziness and defines the discrete and continuous fuzzy variable time series. The multiple regression model and long-term equilibrium regression model of influencing factors of China life insurance product demand based on fuzzy variable time series are gotten. The gap between the econometrics and fuzzy mathematics is bridged by the concept of fuzzy variable which will lead a new development pattern for quantized model of econometrics.


Fuzzy variable Fuzzy variable time series Influencing factor 



Thanks to the support by National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 61272170) and Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education of Dalian University.


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