Thinking Intuitive Driving Automation

Tractatus Technologico-Humanicus
  • Patrice ReilhacEmail author
  • Nick Millett
  • Katharina Hottelart
Conference paper
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We move away from the engineering based paradigm of Automated Driving and the political target of Full Automation in order to focus on the need to facilitate end-users’ readiness to share driving with the vehicle. Intuitive Driving Automation facilitates the relationship between end-user and vehicle so as to enable a fluid, continuous exchange of agency between the two. Ceding control requires trust, and trust requires adequate and intuitive communication. This communicative, trusting relationship can be achieved by adding reciprocity into the concept of Human Machine Interface and thinking of it as a Human Robot Relationship. The humanizing of technology implicit in this new relationship will be a considerable step towards making Automated Driving possible. (Written in the style of Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Tractatus.)


Intuitive Intuitive driving Driving automation Human robot relationship Automated driving Situation awareness 


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