Integrated Assessment for Automated Driving Systems in the United States

  • Steven E. UnderwoodEmail author
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This roadmap to sustainable automotive transportation takes a cyber-physical systems approach to exploring disruptive innovation in the pursuit of clean, safe, and efficient door-to-door mobility in the United States. This integrated assessment addresses the results to an expert forecast on vehicle automation as part of a more far-reaching transformation to connected, automated, and electric vehicles. The expert panel used the Delphi survey method to forecast the market introduction dates, general growth rates, and policy issues of automated shuttle, freeway, urban, and taxi systems over the course of the next few decades. The results are summarized in a scenario for the growth of vehicle automation in the context of persistent road network, land use, population, climate, and technology trends.


Automation Forecast Disruptive innovation Freeway Platooning Shuttle Conditional automation Full automation High automation Integrated assessment Expert forecast Delphi method Climate change 


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