The Intercultural Psychiatric Program at Oregon Health and Science University

  • James K. BoehnleinEmail author
  • J. David Kinzie
  • Paul K. Leung
  • Margaret Cary
  • Keith Cheng
  • Behjat Sedighi


The Intercultural Psychiatric Program at Oregon Health and Science University, founded in 1978, is a community-based clinic that serves refugees and immigrants from around the world. Besides its clinical mission, the program also trains medical and mental health professionals in numerous aspects of cross-cultural mental health care and has made substantial contributions to the refugee and immigrant mental health literature. This narrative reviews the history of the program, discusses its clinical model and its education mission, and highlights its most significant research contributions. In addition, financial and management challenges are discussed in the context of almost four decades of successful operation.


Refugees Immigrants Mental health Clinical care Psychiatric education Cross-cultural psychiatry Community psychiatry Psychiatric research Community-based clinics Refugee and immigrant families 


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