Bedbug Bites

  • Danya Reich
  • Corinna Eleni Psomadakis
  • Bobby Buka


Bedbugs are wingless brown insects that can reside in the crevices of beds and mattress seams. They are nocturnal blood-feeders whose bites cause pruritic, erythematous papules on affected individuals. The bites of bedbugs may be difficult to distinguish from other insect bites, and history plays an integral role in arriving at a diagnosis. People affected by bedbugs may report finding new lesions in the morning, having a partner with whom they share a bed report similar lesions, detecting fecal matter in the mattress seams, or seeing a bedbug. Treatment of the lesions aims to provide symptomatic relief, either by topical corticosteroids or oral antihistamines. The most definitive treatment approach also addresses treatment of the bedbug infestation with appropriate extermination.


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